Increase Call Center Sales Results and Individual Performance.

AT&T was looking for a motivating call center tactic to incrementally shift and sustain individual sales representative performance. Although its call centers have on-going incentive platforms there was a need to create some new-news to refresh the sales focus.


Too often sales reward programs only reward or motivate the top performers. We believe a successful incentive structure should engage each sales staff member to exceed their individual target knowing they can realistically compete for the same top prizes as the high achievers.


The Promotion House developed and introduced an iPad application that turned a normal iPad into an interactive promotional platform providing a game of chance opportunity to win a prize with each video product sale. The message to the sales team was that each sale was just as important as the next, and that any given sale (regardless of your total) can deliver the big prize. The game tactic brought the internal sales campaign to “life” with moving video and instant messaging.


The tactic easily delivered and exceeded the desired sales metrics, creating team building ‘buzz’ at the call center level and driving employee engagement with the chance to win random prizes. The sales incentive platform expanded Internationally with equal success.