“Most agencies build their portfolio of services to meet their needs, and profit centers typically prevail.”

At The Promotion House, we built our services specifically for your needs. We begin with a strategic blueprint for your business and your brand. Then we customize our promotional marketing plan based on the services tailored to meet your objectives. Traffic, trial, frequency or loyalty? Incremental revenue or enhanced profit margins? With all of our services under one roof, we use the appropriate key to unlock the most effective solution to your marketing challenge, whether that’s an integrated campaign or filling a specific gap in your plan.


STOP PAYING FOR AGENCIES’ PLAYTIME. Some agency’s idea of a brainstorm or strategy session begins with Play-Doh and Magic 8 Balls.  We ideate with tools, not toys. We combine fresh insights, custom research and analytic capabilities to create authentic and original platforms.  Whether your challenge requires thought leadership to identify opportunities, a range of white paper concepts to address a specific problem, or simply a facilitator to lead a productive brainstorming session, we can blueprint ideas to build your business.

  • Thought leadership
  • Brand strategy
  • White paper concepts
  • Customized brainstorm facilitation


HIT YOUR TARGET with original marketing strategies for your consumers. By identifying consumer and shopper trends, leveraging insights and applying our unique creative approach, we develop precision programs to drive action now and enhance consumer engagement over the long-term.  From proven solutions to customized campaigns, we tailor our promotional programming to support your specific sales and growth objectives.

  • Instant win games
  • Collect & win games
  • Sweepstakes
  • Contests
  • Frequency/loyalty
  • Gamification
  • Trade promotions
  • Channel/retailer
  • On-pack/in-pack
  • Merchandising/display
  • Custom packaging
  • Employee incentives and rewards


PUT THE “ACTION” IN INTERACTION. We accelerate the buying process by developing live environments that encourage trial, promote retention and enhance brand loyalty. It’s about making emotional connections through personal interaction with your brand, products and services.  With today’s fragmented media, Experiential Marketing that augments your customer marketing strategy is essential in reaching and inspiring consumers.


LEVERAGE LIKE-MINDED COMPANIES FOR SUCCESS. We don’t push partnerships — we grow them. At The Promotion House, we keep your organization’s best interest top of mind, and make sure that our partnerships and sponsorships are with relevant and unique partners and properties. By leveraging their inherent brand equity, we can develop ways to deliver more compelling programs that engage and motivate consumers, giving you resuts that increas your bottom line.

  • Identification and Negotiation
  • Entertainment (movies, sports, music) marketing
  • Cross-promotions
  • Venue assessment
  • Celebrity talent
  • Prize partners


DITCH THE DIGITAL CONFUSION. Today, “digital” has a different definition depending on who you talk to. Facebook page? Microsites? Mobile apps? The digital space is many things, but clear is not one of them. We will tailor your online presence to give you the most successful interaction with your consumers in the digital spaces that are relevant to them. From overall site design to promotional microsites, search marketing and social media strategies, we’re able to strategize, create and deliver upon any online need in terms you understand.

  • Site design and development
  • Custom App development
  • Online games, sweepstakes & contests
  • Social media content
  • Digital shopper solutions
  • Gamification
  • Mobile engagement
  • Macro/Microsite development


LET THE FUN BEGIN. With over 25-years experience architecting and designing promotional games we provide a path for consumers to engage your brand in a fun and entertaining way that drives higher revenue and memorable experiences. This tactic serves as an effective point of differentiation in your marketing efforts.

  • Instant-win, collect to win, contests, sweepstakes
  • Facebook and social applications
  • Fulfillment
  • Prize negotiation
  • Legal and compliance
  • Contingency insurance
  • Bonding
  • Online integration and hosting


MAKING THE ORDINARY “EXTRAORDINARY”. Whether it’s planning an internal sales meeting or unveiling your new product portfolio at a national convention, The Promotion House knows you expect flawless execution. We understand and relish the pressure. The success of your activation is critical in building relationships, engaging attendees, converting prospects or motivating the workforce. As former client side executives, our team will evaluate and tailor your program to exceed internal management objectives as well as your audience expectations. With an on-target, on-time and on-budget approach, we will craft an experience that delivers a lasting impression. Leverage any of our individual expertise or utilize our full service capabilities.

  • Theme development and strategy
  • Creative and design
  • Turnkey exhibit solutions
  • Program planning, logistics and management
  • Fabrication
  • Brand ambassadors and event labor
  • Displays/signage/brochures
  • Custom data capture tools
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Branded merchandise


MADE TO ORDER DIFFERENTIATION. Our experienced designers not only dream it, but they can make it! From custom design to cost-efficient overseas manufacturing, we provide one-stop capabilities. With a long history in kids and family marketing we understand the dynamics that create passion and excitement with consumers of all ages. In-pack, on-pack or near-pack, we have done it all. Whether it is a one-off production of a handful of premiums or a 20-million run for a restaurant chain or cereal brand, our work is made-to-order with trends and insights as the core ingredients. Need something more simple to put your brand front and center? We have many off-the-shelf corporate merchandise solutions available.

  • Design & prototyping
  • Plastic, vinyl and resin figures
  • Custom plush characters
  • Licensed property partnerships
  • Manufacturing and worldwide sourcing
  • Toy safety & compliance
  • Logistics & distribution
  • Branded promotional products & merchandise