Encourage Profitable Consumer Behavior.

A regional Midwest bank was looking to encourage a greater percentage of its customers to accept electronic statements as their preferred billing method. The brand was struggling with willing participants due to poorly constructed sign-up incentives.


The bank had a poor success formula:

Budget Per Customer


Xenon restructured their reward strategy from top to bottom to better meet the expectations of their customers and the dynamics of the market place. Rather than involve consumers in a lengthy enrollment process, we delivered “electronic only” incentives that eliminated fulfillment, provided reward immediacy and allowed for a greater per customer spend. Equally motivating was that customers could pick their sign-up reward from among movies, pizza, entertainment and more.


Program was tested and outperformed both a control offer and the previous offer strategy by an incremental, double-digit lift. The client now has a branded platform that is flexible for new offers and can be broadened across other business segments and services.