Create Brand Differentiation within a Commodity Category.

In the highly competitive, deregulated energy category in Texas, customer loyalty is as lengthy as the next price cut within the industry. In an effort to introduce marketing programs that can produce a positive halo effect on brand image and stimulate word of mouth among its customers, TXU Energy asked The Promotion House to identify and source potential Texas partners for a loyalty initiative built upon sending customers special ‘surprise & delight’ gifts periodically across the calendar year.


To differentiate within the category beyond a pricing message, it was imperative to move from a mindset of simply “gift giving” to one of “brand building”.


Working with TXU Energy, we created a messaging platform consistent with the brand’s marketing pillars: integrating with consumers’ lifestyles and allowing TXU Energy to build relationships that differentiated the brand within the category.
Our partnerships were built around ‘family’-themed messaging, identifying with special at-home moments. Our partner criteria included seeking big-name national partners that were family centric and consistent with the brand attributes of TXU Energy.


The Promotion House cultivated ongoing relationships with high-profile partners including RedBox, Domino’s, Baskin-Robbins, Kroger and Mattel.  The TXU Energy program, rewarding customers with free product offers, resulted in positive impact on brand image across a multiple of critical competitive metrics.